Creative Shisha Design

3D Works


3D creative Shisha / Hookah model design.

Proposed for Al Ajamy Tobacco.

Rocket modeled Shisha/Hookah design with full functionality.


  • Conceptual design of creative shisha
  • 3D modeling
  • 3D photorealistic rendering
  • Designed with 3Ds Max & Vray.

Creative Shisha / Hookah Design: Photorealistic

Creative Shisha/Hookah 3D design. Modeled via 3Ds Max with fabrication drawings and details. The shisha creative design was inspired by a space rocket and it was proposed to Al Ajamy Tobacco to manufacture around the world.

The most challenging part was designing a 3D hookah that actually works and functions as any classical hookah, and yet look elegant and away from those military rocket shishas.

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