Website Design


Design and development of website and portfolio and services for Jetex


  • Full web design and development.
  • Services & portfolio.
  • Responsive design.
  • SEO optimization.
  • Animated sliders and map finder for locations

Jetex Website

Jetex is a leader in the private aviation industry. The scope was to give a feeling of luxury lifestyle merged with an innovative theme to showcase the services of the company while focusing on client conversion through the website.

An interactive designed map was added to the interface to showcase Jetex locations around the world while keeping the techy feel the company focuses on.

Profiles of Jetex locations were added along with galleries, Google maps, weather estimation of the place, as well as airport information and services provided there.

Between flight support and luxury lifestyle of two different categories of client, Jetex website was targetted to satisfy both in the style where it shows the actual services provided while keeping the hospitality touch.

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